Add Pythru Payment Button Button to Website

  • No integration
  • Easy to create
  • Mobile compatible
  • Affordable TDR
Step 1


No technical knowledge required to generate a customized button code

Step 2


Simply select the generated code for the payment button and copy it

Step 3


Put this code on your website or blog and collect seamless payments

One-click Payments

The All-in-One PyThru Payment Button

With no extra charges accept single-time online payments or subscriptions or single product payments in a smart way through your website or blog.

Payment Gateway

Secure checkout with multiple payment modes with a single click on the button

Customized Design

The payment button can be customized as per your brand for colors, styles, text, etc.

Payment Types

To collect recurring payments, donations, fees, single-plan or product payment, etc

Future of Banking

Paste the Embed Code

Generate-Copy-Add the HTML Code for the payment button to your website or blog in a hassle-free way

  • 5-minute task
  • No coding required
  • Customized Button
Easiest Integration

Pricing Plans

We provide the best services in two different pricing plans as per your business requirements

No Hidden Fees

No Maintanance

No setup charges


Standard Plan

Indian Debit Card, Net Banking, UPI, Walletsincluding Freecharge,Mobikwik, etc.

Feel Free to contact us for

Business Plan

Best Solution

If you Don’t Have Any Website


The Payment Button can be added to your website or blog to accept the online payments for your business with the multiple payment modes of Pythru. When the customer clicks on it to make the payment, a secure payment checkout page opens and the customer can proceed with the payment.

It is very easy to create a Payment Button code without any technical knowledge. You can go to your dashboard tool, create the single-line code for the payment button, copy and paste it to your website or blog.

Yes, the payment button can be customized as per your brand and website. You can create the button with custom colors and text.

Yes, the automated payment receipts will be sent to the customers by default. You can turn off this if you do not wish to send the automated receipts.