Accept fast payments with Payment Links

  • Free to create
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable TDR
  • No website needed
Step 1

Create Link

Fill in the required details and generate the payment link

Step 2

Share Link

Copy and send the link via email, Whatsapp, text, etc.

Step 3

Get Paid

Customer makes payment with their preferred payment mode

Smart Payment

Why use PyThru Payment Links?

Quick to Share

Easily send payment links and accept easy payments

Easy to Manage

Merchant Dashboard helps with smooth managing of the links

Multiple Payment Modes

The customer has 100+ available payment options to make payment

Offline Business

No website or mobile application? Get paid via our Payment Links

Safe & Secure

The payment links are equally secure to get paid from the customers

Customize Checkout

As per your brand, you can customize the color, logo, etc for the payment link

Big New Innovation

PyThru Supported Industry

We support various industries and business models to accept online payments. Get yours onboard now!

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IT / SaaS


Easiest Integration

Pricing Plans

We provide the best services in two different pricing plans as per your business requirements

No Hidden Fees

No Maintanance

No setup charges


Standard Plan

Indian Debit Card, Net Banking, UPI, Walletsincluding Freecharge,Mobikwik, etc.

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Business Plan

PyThru For You

If you Don’t Have Any Website


Pythru Payment Link is used to accept easy online payments from your customers for the products and services sold. You can accept full or partial online payments from a single customer or in bulk without a website or mobile application with these payment links. You can also accept international payments with our payment links (after the international services are activated on your merchant account).

You can send the payment links to the customers through SMS, WhatsApp, email, etc. The customer will open the link and proceed with the payment with their preferred payment mode. After the customer makes a successful payment, you will receive it directly in your bank account within your predefined settlement cycle period.

After you register with the Pythru merchant account, it will be activated post successful verification. And with the account activation, you can also start using the Pythru payment links. Payment links are part of the payments suite of the payment gateway products.

It is very easy to create, send and make payments with our payment link. After you log in to the dashboard tool, you need to go to the Payment Link section. Further, add the customer number & email, and amount and share the payment link. You can also set the expiry and the notification method of the link.

Our Batch Feature enables the Bulk Payment Link payment acceptance. For this, you can add the customer details, amount, and purpose of the link in the XLSX or CSV file and upload it - sending the bulk payment request in no time.