PyThru Subscription Payments for your Business

Accept automatic Recurring Payments with PyThru Subscription Plans and provides an uninterrupted experience to your customers.

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Accept online payments for your Subscription-based business with this modern and advanced payment technology.


Generate a custom Subscription Plan through your Dashboard or API


Share and notify the customer about the Subscription Plan with the Link


After the authentication, start accepting the recurring payments

PyThru for U

Set the Recurring Plans for your Customers

Opt for the plan suitable for your subscription requirements. PyThru Subscriptions require no coding and provides webhook support and easy integration.

Static (Fixed)

To charge a recurring fixed amount after a specific period


Charge a usage-based amount on the next billing period


A mixed plan with a fixed amount as well as a variable amount

3 Major Features of PyThru Subscription

Offer Trial

Facilitate the trial period to the customers & automatically charge them when the trial ends


Charge a one-time fee at the start of the subscription. Add extra charges for extra services use.

Track and Analyse

Dashboard analysis and tracking of the customers with respective subscription plans via API

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When an option is provided to the customer to give the authorization to deduct the billing amount automatically for the continuation of the services or product usage, is called the Subscription.

With PyThru you can provide this facility of recurring payments and send the notifications for all the related events to the customers with webhooks, also, manage the same with the APIs via PyThru Dashboard.

Credit Cards, Debit Cards, UPI, NACH or E-mandate, and UPI AutoPay

Credit cards: MasterCard and Visa

Debit cards: Mastercard and Visa

NACH or E-mandate: This can be registered with the Netbanking or Debit cards.

Yes, you can cancel or make changes to the Subscription Plans.